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Renowned Trusted Transportation in the East Coast of Canada

About our history, values and vision…
Diamond Transport Logistics was founded 31 years ago by a group of experienced professionals in the trucking industry. Our team consist of highly motivated and dynamic individuals who are available at your service at all time and all year round.
Diamond Transport Logistics Inc. consist of a dedicated staff and experienced drivers offer a variety of transportation and logistics solutions through North America. Our company understands that every client is unique and therefore, we recognize that their needs require personalized solutions. Diamond Transport Logistics Inc. offers you a business partnership that extends beyond any service contract.
In order to maintain our reputation in the industry, we ensure that the service we offer our customers are efficient, timely, safe and environmentally responsible, all while maintaining competitiveness amongst other companies.
You can count on Diamond Transport Logistics Inc. for your transportation solutions. Call or e-mail us now to request a free quote.
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